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CV Guide

Your CV is one of the most important items you will ever produce. It is the passport to every new job you will apply for and it will have a vital impact on your life, career and financial status. The CV is your own personal marketing document and should be prepared with as much commitment and effort as you can provide. Virtually every potential employer will require you to produce a CV and nearly all decisions to interview you (or not !!!) will depend upon the quality and content of the document you present to them. It will constantly be referred to by everyone involved in the process of candidate selection for a job and will have a significant impact upon your chances of securing a new role and upon the salary level you are likely to be offered.

It is therefore essential that you produce a high quality document which presents you in the most positive light to all prospective employers. It is worth spending a considerable amount of time and effort to produce a CV with the best possible content and layout.

There are many books, guides and documents available upon the subject of CV’s. By clicking the boxes below you can access two documents provided by IT Executive which will help you to prepare and improve your CV. If you would like any further help or advice then please feel free to call any of our consultants at any time.

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CV Guidance
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